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Comments on Positive Journey

Readers have commented on Eric's book.

One wrote: 'Eric Sayce explains simply and vividly, and makes the information flow properly. He must be a great speaker. He makes you feel you have some grasp of something which is in fact almost impossible to grasp unless you have been through it. There is a big difference between the frustration and grief of the early sections to the energy and enjoyment of the later ones.  I appreciated his honesty with himself, and his frankness. He tells a heroic story without dramatising.  He’s positive, without saying trite things about how to be positive. The book title is very apt.'

Another sent a card with the following: 'How much I enjoyed Eric Sayce’s book, what a wonderful man. It seemed to take one through 3 phases  - the beginning when his life was rather depressing, then a glimmer of light when he had his superb guide dogs and finally the third phases when he was, I would say, a celebrity. And what a great deal I learnt about Dog Rose; I had no idea about any of it. The whole book was so unusual and opened my eyes to so many things'.


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