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Further information about Mrs Frances Stackhouse Acton

The sale of Old Houses of Shropshire, by Mrs Frances Stackhouse Acton - known to us as Mrs FSA - has been widespread with orders from mainland Europe as well as Australia.

Through these sales we receive further information about Mrs FSA and links to follow. Among the paintings in the third album of her work, is one of Beechwood Park, Hertfordshire. We wondered what the link was and discovered from a recipient of a book that a Miss Knight of Wolverley, Worcestershire, married a Sebright of Beechwood Park. Mystery solved.

By a strange coincidence, Beechwood Park, alias Tolmers, was Julia's old school - now a boy's school. Peter's brother went to the Sebright School in Wolverley, near Kidderminster, set up by the Sebright family.


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